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How to keep house warm in the winter with DJBlinds

Window insulation is essential for maintaining the temperature of a room while consuming less energy. While installing new windows is a fantastic approach to increase a window’s thermal efficiency, there can be significant expenses and waiting times. Replacing all the windows within a home isn’t an overnight thing, it takes time and preparation.

It’s estimated that 35-40% of the heat in a structure escapes via the walls, gaps around doors, windows and other openings. In truth, energy loss results in increased heating costs, wasteful spending and environmental harm. Thankfully, reducing heat loss is simpler than you would think.

You can maintain heat on cold winter mornings simply by reducing heat loss through your windows. This can be achieved by installing appropriate window furnishings. At DJBlinds we have a variety of fashionable options to choose from, such as Roman blinds, curtains and roller or vertical blinds. All of these options will assist in keeping you warmer as the temperature decreases.

Insulating with Curtains

You should pay close attention to your windows if you want to reduce your energy costs. The windows of a house lose a significant amount of heat, but you can easily stop this loss by using curtains.

Curtains help a room retain heat by limiting the movement of air between the warm and cold areas round a window. Additionally, curtains will function as a barrier and stop air from moving from the main room to the window. A curtain’s openings will allow some air particles to travel through, but many will encounter resistance.

Thankfully, even if the air next to the window gets significantly cold, the curtains will retain the heat within the room. This can be ideal for dated homes with single glazed windows. According to studies, drawing the curtains at dusk will minimise heat loss by 15-17%. Inhand, this could significantly reduce the cost of your energy bills.

In addition to effectively warming a room, curtains also give a room a cosy feeling. The combination of the fabric’s weight and the folds’ gentle movements. Making your house feel warm and pleasant should be your first priority as the weather turns colder and the days become shorter.

Using Roman Blinds to improve energy efficiency

Roman Blinds can assist in preserving heat within your home if you live in a cold location and your heating expenses are high.

If the rippling nature of curtains isn’t your style and you want a more fitted finish, high-quality Roman blinds from DJBlinds will allow you to make use of many advantages that curtains provide. Roman blinds that have been professionally installed can offer an effective method to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Be aware that not all blinds can block out the cold, slatted blinds would not be the best option for this, although roller and roman blinds are very effective. This is provided that they completely wrap the window when closed. Having blinds that are custom manufactured is essential. It’s time to invest in some top-notch blinds if keeping the cold out is a priority for you.

Roman blinds look fantastic in various places of the house, from bedrooms to dining rooms. They work especially well in living spaces since they warm up the atmosphere when combined with your furniture and soft furnishings. Roman blinds won’t take up much area and will fit nicely into smaller living spaces.

Roller and Vertical Blinds

When installed and measured appropriately, Roller and Vertical blinds insulate your home by trapping a layer of air between the fabric and the window. As a result, the windows are effectively sealed allowing heat to retain within your home. For optimal results, open the blinds during the day so that the sun can warm the house. As soon as the sun sets in the evening, the blinds should be drawn. When the blinds are closed, the warm air from heated applications within the home will retain.

There is a wide variety of colours in the range, from warm creams and clear whites to natural greens and dark blues. Additionally, there are both contemporary and classic designs available, allowing you to enjoy material without sacrificing style.

In a window recess, vertical blinds and roller blinds look stunning. Simultaneously increasing the thermal performance of your windows.

When it comes to window furnishings, you can choose between a blind that fits above the window and completely covers the window’s recess. You have the choice to double up your window with two levels of furnishings thanks to the adaptability that blinds offer.

Consider installing Roller or Vertical blinds to assist in maintaining the heat in your home if you live in a cold climate and your heating expenses are high. In a living room and all other rooms of the house, blinds are a type of functional and aesthetically pleasing window decoration that are primarily used to filter sunlight and maintain privacy. However, other individuals argue that blinds can insulate your house from heat and cold.

If your windows lose a lot of heat, blinds could be a great energy-saving choice for you. To guarantee that no heat escapes from the sides or top, use a professional to measure and install your blinds.

Tips for keeping the house warm in the winter

  • As soon as it gets darker and colder in the evening, close your blinds and curtains as they will preserve heat inside your house. Make sure there are no gaps and that they are entirely closed. Condensation may be reduced by keeping the heat inside and the cold outside.
  • You will benefit from the warmth in your house if you leave your blinds and curtains open during the day to let the sunlight in.
  • Furniture near radiators should be moved since they absorb heat and prevent it from flowing into the room. Many homes have radiators below the windows, therefore it’s important to avoid covering your radiators with long curtains that draw over them since they’ll also absorb the heat being radiated outward. The same holds true for drying clothing on radiators; doing so will prevent warm air from traversing your home.
  • By draught-proofing your doors, windows and floor gaps, draught excluders are a fantastic method to preserve the heat in your house. If you are unable to seal your doors and windows, use draught door excluders, self-adhesive rubber seals, and cover any floor cracks with a rug or blanket.

Blinds or Curtains?

After looking at both curtains and blinds and how they can aid in insulating energy in the house or certain rooms, they are both very effective. From here, deciding whether to install blinds or curtains in your home and figuring out how to make them as inviting as possible is a matter of preference.

If your windows are old or draughty, upgrading to new insulating windows will significantly improve your home’s warmth and energy efficiency. On the other hand, blinds and curtains can be a terrific method to save money on electricity if you lose a lot of heat via your windows.

Although it might not seem like much, every little change contributes when you include losses caused by walls, floors, doors and roofs. By addressing each area of loss, you may improve the efficiency with which your house is heated, resulting in lower energy costs and more ecologically friendly energy consumption.

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